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Advocacy and Public Policy

Updated May 6, 2013 

One of AFP International’s roles is to advocate for philanthropy. We’ve heard of AFP’s chief executive, Andrew Watt, testifying before Congress in February. 

In April, AFP International also responded to an opportunity to act on the local stage.  

AFP International advocates in Salem State House
One of the primary State budget proposals before the House Ways & Means Committee in April included actions that would cap, curtail or eliminate the charitable contribution tax deduction. 

Because of the efforts and testimony of many nonprofits, the Nonprofit Association of Oregon (NAO) and AFP International, Salem legislators removed from the bill the section that proposed curtailing the charitable contribution tax deduction for certain individuals.

The State House unanimously approved the minority’s proposal – that had removed any of those proposed changes – on April 24. You can read about it here and here

AFP International Adds to Local Efforts
Early in April, HB 2456 became the main budget vehicle in the State House. At subcommittee hearings, a number of nonprofits voiced concern for the bill that included a section to curtail the charitable deduction. AHP International supported those voices with written comments. 

On April 10, we were alerted by an email from the NAO that the subcommittee would hold a hearing on Friday, April 12. We alerted Andrew Watt, AFP’s president and CEO, and Jason Lee, general counsel and AFP’s public policy lobbyist, who submitted a statement from AFP International. Read the full statement here

AFP International Issues Statement: “Charitable Deduction Not a Tax Break for the Wealthy”
“In response to the President’s FY 2014 Budget, which would limit the value of itemized deductions – including the charitable deduction – the president of AFP and the chair of the board of directors have released the following statement.” A link to Andrew’s full statement can be found on this page

From the statement: “The charitable deduction does not define the philanthropic sector. The defining characteristic of the charitable sector is what we achieve—impact in communities. The charitable deduction enhances that impact by encouraging and sustaining the culture of giving in our country. We should be investing more in the deduction and encouraging additional philanthropy, not finding ways to limit or cap it.”  

AFP International President Calls on Congress to Preserve the Charitable Deduction
CEO Andrew Watt testified in February before a Congressional subcommittee. You can find more here.

Other voices chime in about the charitable deduction 

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